The earliest wine makers in Croatia were from the Illyric tribes, dating from 2200 BC. The Greeks and Romans developed the tradition, and by the year 1400 the first laws on wine production are written in the Dubrovnik Republic. Today, Croatian wine makers produce 620 different kinds of wine from 54 grape varieties.  Our 2011 Festival will feature the award winning wines of our friend Maria Mrgudić, owner of Mokalo-Bura Vineyards. Maria’s family has been creating outstanding Croatian wines for many years-in fact, she is a 14th generation winemaker! The recent vintage Zinfandel is sure to be a great wine to enjoy.

Come to the Festival to sample and taste some of the best of Croatian wines — such as Plavac Mali, Dingac, Rukatac, Postup, Pošip, the sweet and sumptuously rich Dalmatian desert wine, Prošek — from some of the region’s best wineries, including these participating wineries:

  • Korta Katarina (
  • Crvic Vineyards
  • Philip Vineyards
  • Mokalo-Bura Winery (
  • OPG Vedran Kiridzija Winery

As we say in Croatia: Zivijele! (Cheers!)


A great wine is even better with delicious food. Dubrovnik is home to the best restaurants on the Adriatic coast.  Sample the local cuisines. and taste the spirit of Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik Artist Jagoda Lasić and the Dubrovnik Visual Artist Association will be featured at our 2011 Festival Preview.  Our friend Jagoda is a two-time winner of the Croatian Cultural Council Award.  Her art and art by other outstanding Dubrovnik painters will be on display and available for purchase during the weekend.

Dubrovnik and its environs are home to many talented visual artists, from painters to sculptors, from glassblowers to potters.  The Festival features the work of numerous local artists and craftsmen.

2011 Participating Fine Artists

Dubrovnik is home to many outstanding visual artists.  These 10 Artists will be participating during the 2011 Festival.  You may view their art—and purchase their paintings or other artwork during the Festival!